Hi! I'm Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer, Writing Coach

"Through my experience working with students and clients for nearly two decades, I have come to believe that every single person has an important story or perspective, or insight to share."

Erica Mongé-Greer

Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer


I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first stories on the lined journal paper, then typed and stored them on floppy disks on my dad’s first computer, and my passion for writing and wordsmithing continued into my adulthood. My first paid job was as a freelance journalist, back when print newspapers were a thing, and my first full-time career was as an Executive Editor of a monthly magazine. As Executive Editor, I oversaw the entire publication process from conceptualization to print and distribution. I wrote articles myself, and I managed a team of about 25 writers, some of them I began to informally coach. I discovered my passion for helping others find their voice through written expression.

After grad school, I began teaching at Universities as an Adjunct Professor. My first and longest-running course was a Writing course for adult students returning to college late in life to complete their college degree. For 12 years, I have taught English Exposition, introduction to Writing, Research Writing, Informative Writing, Speech and Rhetoric, and Business Writing courses at three Universities in Southern California and Oregon.

I have written and presented more than a dozen academic papers at national conferences, and I won an award for a research paper in my field of expertise. I have completed an academic dissertation for Ph. D., which was recently published with an academic publisher (2023) and another book published in 2022.


I have helped writers as an Academic Coach for ten years, working on short-term and long-term projects with creative writers, biographers, academics, students, professors, and others. I helped write and edit a biographical book entitled “Hole in the Head.” I also coached a writer who published her blogs about her journey through breast cancer in book form. I have worked with adult students in formal and informal settings on individual or group writing projects.

I have been in and around writing for so long that it is a part of who I am. Through my experience working with students and clients for nearly two decades, I believe that every person has an important story, perspective, or insight to share. With the internet and social media occupying so much space, it isn't easy to hear all the voices. Writing and publishing a book is a way of standing apart from the masses. Only a relative few people will do the work to write and finish their book. Let me help you be one of those people!


We Walk Together

We Walk Together: My Journey Through Breast Cancer Paperback – June 17, 2017

We Walk Together is an example of a book that came to completion with the help of an Individual Writing Coach.

Hole in the Head Book Cover

Hole In The Head, A Life Revealed Hardcover

Wilbur approached me to help organize his writing and to turn his notes from interviews and reflections into a publishable manuscript.

So Say We All

So Say We All - Spirituality in BattleStar Galatica - 2022

I wrote this commentary shortly after completing my dissertation as a passion project, combining my love for science fiction and my academic specialization in religion.

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