Book Project—Personal Journey

We Walk Together: My Journey Through Breast Cancer Paperback – June 17, 2017

We Walk Together is an example of a book that came to completion with the help of an Individual Writing Coach. Diane came to me with an idea to format a blog she had kept to journal her experience through breast cancer into a book. We worked together for approximately 30 months to complete this passion project while she also worked full-time as a teacher. As a Writing Coach, I worked with her to complete the task at her own pace. These are some of the specific things I helped with:

  • Organizing her notes and current writing into a basic manuscript format
  • Recommending software and customizing settings that worked best with her personal writing needs
  • Transforming personal reflections into content geared toward a specific audience
  • Strategically formatting content into Chapters, Sections, and Sub-Sections
  • Formatting the final manuscript
  • Identifying Editors and Publishing contacts
  • Identifying and Communicating with Booksellers and other retail space
  • Writing a Pitch Letter for Public Speaking Opportunities
  • and much more.

You can learn more about this book and read reviews: We Walk Together.

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