Breaking through Writer’s Block

writers block

So you want to write a book? Great. But wait, you aren’t sure what to do next. How are you supposed to write a book? Where do you start? What do you need? What if I get writer’s block? These are all questions that many authors have. And rightly so…I mean, we have to deal…

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First Draft of Your Book

Writing a First Draft

Introduction Writing the first draft is scary. It’s the most challenging part of any project, even when you’re just starting. However, knowing what to do and having the right tools can be easier than expected. This blog post will walk you through the steps of writing your first draft by helping you ask yourself some…

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Why You Should Write a Book

Write a Book

Introduction Have you ever thought about writing a book? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people dream of writing books every year. Still, many people don’t realize that writing a book is more than just putting your thoughts to paper—and it’s certainly not as easy as buying an expensive laptop and pointing its cursor…

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